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Network micro-segmentation
Jan. 5, 2020 • Pranab Bala
Birds eye view of micro-segmentation and its features and benefits

Why do you need Micro-Segmentation? Security is one of the prime focus in corporate world. Significant effort, time and money are spent on secu...

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gantt chart in google sheets and template
Oct. 19, 2019 • Pranab Bala
Want to Learn How to Make a Gantt Chart in google sheets? You will find how to do it quickly in google sheets with conditional formatting. You will also get a template in this article.

Designed more than century ago, Gantt chart is very popular to the Project Manager communities and decision makers. This is equally important to...

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How to use advanced filter in excel
Sept. 22, 2019 • Pranab Bala
If you ever thought that Excel Advanced Filter is complex, let's break that myth. The greatest advantage of Advanced Filter is it can be reused.

Excel Advanced Filter - Though the name suggest Advanced, but it is not that complex. In the contrary, it is simple and once you spend few minut...

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Excel Advanced Filter or AutoFilter
Sept. 14, 2019 • Pranab Bala
Should I use Advanced Filter in Excel or should I use Auto Filter? Is there any advantage using Advanced Filter? Is it really hard to Learn remember? Let's find it out

Filters in Excel is an amazing feature. I almost cannot recall a time when I have opened an Excel workbook and have not applied a filter. For me...

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Open csv in excel - Date format issue
Aug. 17, 2019 • Pranab Bala
Frustrated with incorrect dates while opening csv file in excel? This is very common. But you can also overcome easily in different ways

Very often people face issues when they are opening csv file and that have dates. When date is exported or saved most of the program or applicat...

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Excel Pivot - Multiple summarization of Fields
Aug. 3, 2019 • Pranab Bala
Pivot tables allows summarization of multiple data Fields or summarization of same data Field multiple times with different perspectives

Often we come across with situations, where the data we summarize in Pivot table do not give the right picture or not giving all the necessary p...

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Trace a duplicate row in another sheet
May 4, 2019 • Pranab Bala
Find duplicate rows in another sheet, no matter, if that was moved up or down or sorted

Many times you are in a situation that you have worked on a excel did changed couple of cells, sorted the data based on the some or the other co...

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Find duplicates in excel
April 20, 2019 • Pranab Bala
Duplicate sheets, duplicate rows or duplicates in some selective columns? lets explore

While working with excel, I believe, everyone faces this situation sometime or other. How to figure out duplicates? There could be different dim...

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Getting started with Outlook Macro
March 29, 2019 • Pranab Bala
If you are wondering to automate some of the tasks in Outlook, but not sure where to start.. you came to right place

Microsoft Outlook allows users to define macros written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to automate certain activities. Through Visua...

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Outlook Screen Overview
March 10, 2019 • Pranab Bala
Getting Started with Outlook is self explanatory. But this introduction will get you going betterway

Outlook is one of the widely used productivity tool. This article focuses on explaining you the different parts the main window of Outlook. Wil...

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Create diagrams, flowcharts or gantt from text with mermaid
March 3, 2019 • Pranab Bala
Draw your diagrams, flowcharts or gantt by writing simple texts similar to markdown or graphviz

Ever wanted to simply draw diagrams or flowcharts and avoid heavy tools like Visio.? Mermaid is one of the tool comes very handy here. Amazing...

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Writing graph with GraphViz
Feb. 24, 2019 • Pranab Bala
Draw your diagrams, flowcharts by writing simple texts with graphviz

GraphViz - Graph visualization Software Open source graph visualisation software. It is used for representing structural informations as a grap...

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Write your diagrams instead of drawing
Feb. 13, 2019 • Pranab Bala
Ever wanted to write a diagram, instead of drawing? Ideas are here

You have an idea and you want to represent it with visuals, but do not want to spend time on a regular photo or image editing tool like Photosho...

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Photo Editing with PhotoScape - free Photo Editing Software
Feb. 3, 2019 • Pranab Bala
If you wonder how useful PhotoScape Photo Editor is for your purpose, have a quick look

Photoscape is one of my favorite Photo Editor, not only because it is free, but rather because of its features and usefulness....

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Photoscape - Overview of free photo editing software for Windows
Jan. 30, 2019 • Pranab Bala
Photoscape - One of the best free photo editing software for windows

Photoscape is one of the very useful Photo editing software from MOOII TECH. This feature rich free photo editor have very stiff learni...

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